Works on android Phones & Tablets
Works with Prepard3D v4/5 & MSFS2020
Works over WIFI

How the Finncast app works with your flight simulator

Finncast Sim is a virtual cockpit Android app that connects to your flight simulator via WIFI. Everything is in real-time with the aircraft you are flying using two-way synchronization. Whatever you change on the android app will change on your aircraft in flight simulator and vice versa in real-time. For example, if you click the gear up/down button on the app it will change on your aircraft or if you change the gear position with a joystick button it will change on the app.

Gauges on the android app are smooth and fluid and are in real-time with your aircraft. There are 2 main gauges. PFD & MFD. The MFD is switchable in 4 views. 2 which include real time maps and will also display your flight plan on the map if you created one.

A full radio stack is in included in the app which is easy to change your frequency and swap from standby to active. The radio stack consists of Coms1 & 2, Nav1 & 2, ADF & Transponder. The lights section allows you to change aircraft lights, set parking brake, turn on and off sound from your android device for our app as we have built-in sounds such as stall & overspeed warning, too low extract gear warning, Autopilot on/off etc.

There is also a Calls button when on you can hear from your android device call-outs when landing 50,40,30,20, 10 and so on. Calls start at 2500 feet to 10 feet. The autopilot section of the app allows you to change the main features in autopilot such as Altitude, Heading, Nav Vor/Gps, Approach, Speed, Altimeter, Flaps up/down etc.

Connecting your android phone or tablet is a simply and quick process. The Windows app named Finncast Server connects to your flight simulator on the same computer as your flight simulator. Supported flight simulators are Prepard3d versions 4 & 5. Microsoft flight simulator 2020. You simply install and open the Finncast server. Once your flight simulator is open, simply click the connect button and that’s it. The Finncast server will show you your computers Ip address if you are unsure. After connection you can minimize Finncast server app. On the android app simply enter the Ip address of you flight simulators computer and click connect and you are ready to go!

The Android is completely free and the Finncast Server app for Windows is at an amazingly low price of just €29.92.

Payment via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card

Finncast Server Prepard3d addon

Works with Prepard3d versions 4 & 5

7 day trial available

Price €29.92

Finncast Server MSFS addon

Works with Miscrosoft Flight Simulator 2020

7 day trial available

Price €29.92

Finncast Sim Google Store
Finncast Sim

Finncast Sim app on Google Store is free.